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Sustainable Wood, Delivered to You

Woodside Logs

We are an independent wood fuel supplier to both domestic and wholesale markets. Woodside Logs was born out of 20 years in the forest industry with a recognition that the market lacked reliable suppliers of firewood that could be delivered promptly, delivered ready to burn and be delivered in a tidy fashion. Most firewood is delivered unseasoned or at best, partially seasoned and takes weeks to deliver after ordering.

Our ethos is simple, we want to offer you a product and service that is value for money.

Our logs come from sustainable forest and are the best value product for our customers.

All our products are sourced from well managed sustainable forests.

What Wood?

Ash - Sycamore - Beech - Hazel


All logs delivered to your door.


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Donna and Nigel Embling, Woodside Farm, Dauntsey, Wiltshire